Tape Measure Tool: Scaling entities

Scaling entities

You can rescale one or more entities using the Tape Measure tool. To scale an one or more entities:

  1. Select the Select tool (). The cursor changes to an arrow.
  2. Select the entities you want to scale.
  3. Context-click while the cursor is over one of the selected entities. The selection set context menu is displayed.
  4. Select Make Group. The entities are grouped.
  5. Note: This process also works with components.

  6. Double-click on the group to enter the group's context.
  7. Select the Tape Measure tool (). The cursor changes to a tape measure.
  8. Click one end of a line segment to set the starting point of a measurement. Use the inference tool tip to make sure you click on the exact point.
  9. Move the mouse to the end point of the same line segment. A temporary measuring tape line, with arrows at each end, will stretch out from your starting point as you move the mouse.
  10. Click again at the other end of the line segment. The final distance is displayed in the Measurements toolbar.
  11. Enter a new size for the line in the Measurements toolbar and press the Enter (Microsoft Windows) or Return (Mac OS X) key. This size will be used as the basis for a proportional rescale of your model. The following dialog box appears.
  12. Click the Yes button. The model will be rescaled proportionally.
  13. Note: Only components that are created within the current model (not dragged from the Components Browser and loaded from an external component file) can be resized.