Downloading SketchUp

Please read the hardware requirements before choosing to install SketchUp.

SketchUp Pro 2014

SketchUp Make

SketchUp Make includes 8 hours of Pro Trial time and will revert to the free functionality at the end of the trial.

For previous versions of SketchUp Pro, click here.

*We have a MSI available for download for the English version of SketchUp Pro 2014. Please note that we don't offer technical support on distributing the MSI across your network. There are also a few checks that you need to do before using the MSI:

  • The regular install file (EXE) is compressed and is therefore much smaller than the MSI.
  • Ensure that Windows Installer 3.1 or newer is present.
  • Ensure that the OS is Windows XP Service Pack 3 or newer.
  • Ensure that Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 or newer is installed.