Creating an arc surface

As mentioned previously, arc surfaces are extruded faces with one or more arc edges. To draw an arc surface:

  1. Select the Arc tool. The cursor changes to a pencil with an arc.
  2. Click to place the starting point of your arc.
  3. Click again to place the ending point of your arc.
  4. Or, optionally type in values for the chord length, bulge distance, radius, and number of segments in the Measurements toolbar.
  5. Click again to set the bulge distance.
  6. Select the Line tool. The cursor changes to a pencil.
  7. Click at one end of the arc set the starting point of your line.
  8. Click at the other end of the arc to set the ending point of your line. This step completes a face consisting of an arc and a straight line.
  9. Select the Push/Pull tool. The cursor will change to a 3D rectangle with an up arrow.
  10. Click on the face.
  11. Move the cursor up to create an arc curve in the positive direction or move the cursor down to expand the arc curve in the negative direction.
  12. Click again when the arc curve has reached the desired size. The vertical curved surface is an arc surface.