Loading and selecting colors from images (Mac OS X)

The Image palettes picker allows you to load an image file into the Color Picker and select colors from anywhere in that image. The Image palettes Picker has a spectrum image loaded as a default. To load and select a color from an image:

  1. Select New From File from the Palette drop-down menu above the Opacity slider. .
  2. Locate your image in the New Color Palette dialog box.
  3. Click Open. The image appears in the middle of the Materials Browser.
  4. Click and drag your cursor around the image until the color you want is in the Active Color Well.
Note: You can have multiple images loaded in the Image Palettes picker. Use the pop-up list above the image to switch between images.

Note: You can also load an image you have copied to the OS X clipboard by selecting New From Pasteboard from the pop-up menu at the bottom of the image well. Additionally, you can drag an image file from the Finder and drop it in the Image Palettes picker.