Scenes manager

The Scenes Manager is used to control the various features of SketchUp scenes. Activate the Scenes dialog box from the Window menu or from the scene tabs.

The Scenes Manger contains a list of all of the scenes for the model. Scenes in this list are displayed in the order in which they will be displayed when running an animation. The following image shows the Scenes Manager on Microsoft Windows:

Each scene has a series of properties that you can store with that scene (Properties to save). Additionally, when you update a scene, you can choose those properties, of the properties that are stored with the scene, to update (the dialog box that appears when the Update button is clicked). If you choose to update a property that you are not storing with a scene (using Properties to save), the property will not be updated. Therefore, it is important to ensure you have all of the properties you want to store with a scene selected prior to updating a scene.

Refer to Scenes manager options for further information.