Moving items within the outliner

Use the Outliner to reorganize groups and components in the hierarchy. For example, you can move a group, buried deep within the hierarchy, to the top of the hierarchy for easy editing. To move items within the outline:

  1. Select Window > Outliner. The Outliner dialog box opens with a hierarchical view of your model. The Group and Component entities at the root (top-most) level of the hierarchy are displayed. An icon with a plus sign will appear next to any components or groups when additional levels in the hierarchy exist (additional groups or components within the top-level groups or components).
  2. Click on the + icon to list groups or components within other groups or components. Or, optionally, click on the Details menu and select the Expand All menu item to expand the hierarchy so all levels are displayed.
  3. Click and hold on the group or component you want to move in the hierarchy.
  4. Move the group or component to a new position in the hierarchy.