Deleting materials (Microsoft Windows)

Materials added to your model are stored within the model's .skp file. A material with only color information is very small, but materials with textures can get fairly large, depending on the file size of your texture. Therefore, it is suggested you delete unused materials from the In Model tab to minimize the size of your model file. To delete a material:

  1. Select the In Model button of the Materials Browser. This button displays all materials used in your model. Materials that are used in your model have a small triangle in the bottom right corner.
  2. Right click on the material you want to delete to display the material's context menu.
  3. Select Delete (Microsoft Windows) or Remove (Mac OS X) from the context menu. A dialog box will appear if you are deleting a material that is currently used in your model.
    1. Click Yes to delete the material and replace it with the default material.
    2. Click No to retain the material.