Making a dynamic gluing component

This is a Pro only feature.

The process of creating a component using the create component dialog box is the same for both dynamic and regular components (dynamic components are different in that you have visibility into their internal attributes). As a dynamic component creator you will notice that the blue and green axes (LenY and LenZ) are swapped when you edit the attributes of a component that has a specific gluing orientation (such as a component that glues only to vertical surfaces). LenZ will have a value for length along the green axis and the LenY will have a value for the length along the blue axis. This is an important aspect of gluing components because it affects the variables you use in your formulas. For example, if you want to constrain a gluing component that glues to vertical surfaces, such as window, to a specific height, you're formula will have to constrain LenY, not LenZ.