Importing an Adobe Illustrator File

Importing an Adobe Illustrator File
This is a Pro only feature.

SketchUp can import Adobe Illustrator files in the for of AutoCAD Drawing (.dwg) or AutoCAD Interchange (.dxf) file formats. To Import an Adobe Illustrator file:

  1. Export the Adobe Illustrator file as either a .dwg or .dxf file from Adobe Illustrator.
  2. Run SketchUp.
  3. Select File > Import. The Open dialog box appears.
  4. Navigate to the .dwg or .dxf file.
  5. Click the Open (Microsoft Windows) or Import (Mac OS X) button. The file is imported.
Note: You might want to reduce the number of anchor points that define curves in Adobe Illustrator to reduce the number of segments that are created from the curves when the file is imported into SketchUp. File size can increase dramatically if you import geometry that contains a lot of line segments within curves (especially if you push/pull the faces formed by the segments). Try to balance how many anchor points you think you should include in your Adobe Illustrator curved lines by taking into consideration the distance at which the curved lines will be viewed in the SketchUp model.