Importing 3D DWG or DXF files

Importing 3D DWG or DXF files
This is a Pro only feature.

To import a 3D DWG or DXF model file:

  1. Click File > Import. The Open dialog box is displayed.
  2. (optional) Click on the Options button to modify the import options, such as units, for the incoming file. See 'Import Options' section for further information.
  3. Click OK to import the file. The Import Results dialog box will appear containing details of the imported model.
  4. Note: It can take several minutes to import a large file because SketchUp's native geometry is very different from most CAD software and the conversion process is calculation-intensive.

  5. Click OK in the Import Results dialog box. The model will appear in the drawing area at the origin.
  6. Note: The imported model's entities will be enclosed within a group if geometry existed in the drawing area prior to importing the model.

  7. (optional) Click on the Zoom Extents tool to locate the imported model if it is not currently displayed in your drawing area.