Importing DEM files

To import a DEM file:

  1. File > Import. The Open dialog box is displayed.
Warning: You must add the '.dem' file extension to your DEM files to open these files. Additionally, you can select any file with the '.ddf' extension from your directory to open DDF files.
  • (optional) Click on the Options button to modify the import options, such as points, for the incoming file. See the following Import Options section for further information.
  • Click OK to import the file. The Import Results dialog box will appear containing details of the imported model.
  • Note: The file import time corresponds to the number of maximum points defined in the Import Options dialog box: the greater number of maximum points, the longer it takes the file to load.

  • Click OK in the Import Results dialog box. The model will appear in the drawing area at the origin.
  • Note: The imported model's entities will be enclosed within a component.

  • (optional) Click on the Zoom Extents tool to locate the imported model if it is not currently displayed in your drawing area.