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BugSplat (Microsoft Windows)

BugSplat (click to learn more!) is a 3rd party software application that is integrated in SketchUp to help improve the quality of the product. BugSplat helps us troubleshoot unrecoverable SketchUp errors or crashes. BugSplat provides a mechanism for SketchUp to send information about all crashes to us for troubleshooting.

How Does it Work?

In the rare event that SketchUp crashes you will see a dialog window indicating that SketchUp has crashed or quit unexpectedly. This dialog will give you the option to send us the information regarding the crash. Here is what is collected if you decide to send us the information:

  • Your version of the SketchUp executable.
  • Your language setting, such as English.
  • A 'stack trace' of the bug allowing us to see the exact line of code where SketchUp crashed.
  • A list of SketchUp code dependencies.
  • (optional) Your name and email address.
  • (optional) A description of what you were doing before the crash.
Note: If you happen to look at the BugSplat Software website, you will see a security statement that is aimed at assuring clients of BugSplat that the information on our crashes (e.g., how many we have, and so on) will be protected. The above information is all that we are collecting.
Check out the following common solutions in response to a BugSplat:
  • Update the driver for your graphics card.
  • Open the SketchUp file, and copy & paste the geometry into a new SketchUp file.
  • Open the SketchUp file, and click "Window" > "Model Info" > "Statistics" > "Purge unused."
  • Make sure that there are no unusual characters in Scene names or Layer names.

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