View Menu (Windows)

View Menu (Windows)
The View menu contains menu items that alter the display of entities within your model.
Note: Items in the View menu alter the display of entities. Items in the Camera menu alter your point of view.


The Toolbars submenu contains all of the toolbars. These toolbars are: Getting Started, Large tool Set, Camera, Construction, Drawing, Styles, Google, Layers, Measurements, Modification, Principal, Sections, Shadows, Standard,Views, Walkthrough, Dynamic Components, and Sandbox.

The Large Buttons menu item toggles large toolbar buttons on and off. This option can enhance usability on tablets or low-resolution displays.

Scene Tabs

The Scene Tabs command toggles the display of scene tabs. See the Scene Manager topic for further information.

Hidden Geometry

Use the Hidden Geometry menu item to display hidden geometry or entities that have been hidden using the Hide menu item or context command. The Hidden Geometry menu item displays hidden faces with a light cross-hatch pattern (edges are displayed dashed), enabling you to select the geometry. Once selected, hidden geometry can be made visible with the Unhide and Unhide All menu items.

Section Planes

The Section Planes menu item toggles the display section plane entities.

Section Cuts

The Section Cuts menu item toggles the display of any section cut effects.


The Axes menu item toggles the display of the drawing axes.


The Guides menu item toggles the display of guide line entities and guide point entities.


The Shadows menu item activates shadows.


The Fog menu item activates fog. Refer to the Fog dialog box for information on configuring fog settings.

Edge Style

The Edge Style submenu contains options to activate edges, back edges, and edge styles. The edge styles are Profiles, Depth Cue, and Extension. Refer to the Styles Browser Edge panel for further information.

Face Style

The Face Style submenu contains options to activate face styles. The face styles are X-ray, Wireframe, Hidden Line, Shaded, Shaded with Textures, and Monochrome. See the The Styles Browser Face panel for further information.

Component Edit

The Component Edit submenu contains commands to alter the display of other entities when editing components.

Hide Rest of Model

Use the Hide Rest of Model menu item to toggle the display of the model when editing a component.

Hide Similar Components

Use the Hide Similar Components menu item to toggle the display of similar components when editing a component.


The Animation submenu contains several menu items related to scenes and animations. See the Scenes and Animations topic for further information.

Add Scene

Use the Add Scene menu item to add a new scene to the current file.

Update Scene

Use the Update Scene menu item to update a scene if you have made changes to the scene

Delete Scene

Use the Delete Scene menu item to delete a scene from the current model.

Previous Scene

Use the Previous Scene menu item to transition to the previous scene.

Next Scene

The Next Scene menu item is used to transition to the next scene.


The Play menu item starts an animation. See the Scenes and Animations topic for further information.


The Settings item invokes the Animation panel of the Model Info dialog box.