Camera Menu (Mac OS X)

Camera Menu (Mac OS X)
The Camera menu contains items for altering your point of view of the model.


Use the Previous menu item to back up to the previous saved point of view. Points of view are saved automatically when the camera is moved in SketchUp.


Use the Next menu item to advance to the next saved point of view. Points of view are saved automatically when the camera is moved in SketchUp.

Standard Views

The Standard Views submenu provides access to standard views: Top, Bottom, Front, Right, Back, Left, and Isometric. Selecting any of these model views will immediately set your active drawing window to that view.

Parallel Projection

Select the Parallel Projection menu item to enter a paraline projection.

Note: SketchUp must be in paraline mode to print to scale. Be aware that faces and edges that are parallel to the view plane will be measurable.


Select the Perspective menu item to enter a perspective projection.

Two-Point Perspective

A two-point perspective is a common drawing technique in which all verticals lines in the model will appear straight. Use the Two-Point Perspective menu item to achieve a 2-point perspective view of your model. You will be placed in the Pan tool to pan around your model.

Warning: Orbiting will move a model out of 2-point perspective.

Match New Photo...

Select the Match New Photo menu item to start a match new photo session.

Edit Matched Photo

Select the Edit Matched Photo menu item to edit a previously matched photo.


The Orbit menu item invokes the Orbit tool.


The Pan menu item invokes the Pan tool.


The Zoom menu item launches the Zoom tool.

Field of View

Use the Field of View menu item to invoke the Zoom tool in Field of View mode allowing you to widen or narrow your field of view.

Zoom Window

The Zoom Window menu item launches the Zoom Window tool.

Note: The Zoom Window tool is not in the SketchUp (free) toolbar, but is available to use from the Camera menu.

Zoom Extents

The Zoom Extents menu item launches the Zoom Extents tool.

Zoom to Photo

Select the Zoom to Photo menu item, while using matching, to zoom such that the photo fills the entire drawing area.

Position Camera

The Position Camera menu item launches the Position Camera tool allowing you to investigate fixed views of your model (such as an eye-level view of a house). This option is often used with the Walk tool to take an eye-level tour of a structure.


The Walk menu item invokes the Walk tool for maneuvering through your SketchUp model as though you taking a virtual tour of the model.

Look Around

The Look Around menu item invokes the Look Around tool which pivots the camera around a stationary point at the point of view.

Image Igloo

The Image Igloo menu item is used with Match Photo sketching mode to add detail to a model. This option is only available for models that have 2 or more scenes, each scene containing a photo (such as a model created with Building Maker). Image Igloo creates an "igloo" of these photos over the model allowing for easy navigation and selection of photos to use in Match Photo's sketching mode. Refer to and Creating a 3D model to match a photo for further information.