Drawing a pyramid (creating a pyramidal hipped roof)

Drawing a pyramid (creating a pyramidal hipped roof)
Advanced tasks, such as drawing a cone or pyramid, require experience with several SketchUp tools and features. You should be competent with the following tools and features before attempting to draw a pyramid:
  • The Rectangle tool
  • The Move tool
  • The Line tool
  • Inference

One common way to draw a pyramid is:

  1. Use the Rectangle tool to draw a square. SketchUp's inference engine displays a dashed diagonal line and the word 'square' when your rectangle is a square. This square will be the base of your pyramid.
  2. Use the Line tool to draw two diagonal lines across the square (from corner to the opposite corner).
  3. Select the Move tool.
  4. Hover the cursor over the mid point of the diagonal line. The tooltip should say 'endpoint.'
  5. Click the mouse button.
  6. Move the cursor up in the blue direction to the desired height.