Drawing a bowl

Drawing a bowl
Advanced tasks, such as drawing a bowl or sphere, require experience with several SketchUp tools and features. You should be competent with the following tools and features before attempting to draw a bowl:
  • The Circle tool
  • The Follow-Me tool
  • The Offset tool
  • The Line tool
  • The Eraser tool
  • Inference

One common way to draw a bowl is:

  1. Draw a circle on the ground plane at the origin. This circle will be used as a path used to draw the side of the bowl. The size of this circle does not matter.
  2. Move the cursor to the origin. The cursor should snap to the origin.
  3. Move the cursor up the blue axis (above the circle on the ground plane). The cursor should turn green or red.
  4. Press and hold the Shift key to lock the Circle tool in the green or red inference direction.
  5. Draw a circle perpendicular to the circle on the ground plane whose radius represents the radius of the outside of your bowl.
  6. Use the Offset tool to create an offset of this second circle. The offset distance represents the bowl thickness.
  7. Use the Line tool to divide the second circle in half.
  8. Use the Eraser tool to erase the top half of the second circle. You are creating the profile of the bowl.
  9. Use the Eraser too to erase the face that represents the inside of the bowl. The profile of the bowl is complete.
  10. Select the edge of the circle on the ground plane. This is your path.
  11. Select the Follow-Me tool.
  12. Click on the profile of the bowl. A bowl is created.
  13. Remove the circle on the ground plane.