Dividing lines or arcs into equal segments

Dividing lines or arcs into equal segments
To divide a line or arc into equal segments:
  1. Context-click on the entity to invoke the entity's context menu
  2. Select Divide. A string of red dots appears along the line segment.
  3. Drag the cursor back and forth along the length of the entity to increase or decrease the number of divisions. A tooltip displays the number and length of segments that will be created if you pause briefly on the entity.
  4. Note: The number of divisions is also displayed in the Measurements toolbar. Type in the number of desired segments followed by pressing the Enter (Microsoft Windows) or Return (Mac OS X) key to manually divide the entity.

  5. Click again to divide the entity. The entity will be broken into separate segments.

This menu item is available for the 3D Polyline, Circle, Line, and Polygon entities.