The DWG/DXF Export Options dialog box in LayOut

The Export Options dialog box contains options for exporting DWG and DXF files. Following are the options found in both the Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X versions of LayOut (though they are not in the same order on both platforms).

Export File field (Microsoft Windows)

Type the location and name of the DWG or DXF file to save in the 'Export File' field.

All and From checkboxes

Click on the All radio button to export all pages in your document. Click on the From radio button to select a range of pages to export. Type a number in the first field to represent the starting page number to export. Type another number in the second field to represent the ending page number to export.

DWG and DXF radio buttons

Select either the DWG or DXF radio button to export a DWG or DXF file respectively.

Paper Space and Model Space radio buttons

Select the Paper Space radio button if you want the exported file to live in AutoCad's Paper Space (2D drawing and printing area similar to a LayOut page). Select the 'Model Space' radio button if you want the exported file to live in AutoCad's Model Space (3D modeling space similar to SketchUp's drawing area).

Scale drop-down list

Select a scale from the 'Scale' drop-down list to apply to your exported file. For example, 1" = 1000' means something that is 1" in length in LayOut will be 1000' long in AutoCad's Model Space. This option is only available when you select the Model Space radio button. Select the Custom... item to create a Custom Scale.

Custom Scale field

Type an integer value in the 'Custom Scale' field to scale your LayOut document in DWG/DXF model space. The value of any coordinate and entity in LayOut will be multiplied by the custom scale number. For example, suppose your LayOut document has a rectangle at coordinate 2", 2" on the page, and the rectangle was 4" x 5" in size. A custom scale of 2 results in a rectangle at coordinate 4",4" and a rectangle 8" x 10" in size.

AutoCAD version drop-down list

Select the version of AutoCad for the exported file from the 'AutoCad version' drop-down list.

Create DWG Layers From LayOut Layers checkbox (Microsoft Windows)

Check the Create DWG Layers from LayOut Layers checkbox to create layers in your DWG layers from each of the layers in your LayOut file.

Export Invisible Layers checkbox

Check the Export Invisible Layers checkbox to export invisible layers in your DWG or DXF file.

Ignore Fills checkbox

Check the Ignore Fills checkbox to not include fills in your DWG or DXF file.