Creating an image igloo

Creating an image igloo
Building Maker buildings imported into SketchUp as .SKP files containing one scene for each image used to create the the building. SketchUp's Image Igloo feature allows you to easily navigate between these images and use them in conjunction with Match Photo to further detail your model. To create and navigate an image igloo:
  1. Open your Building Maker model in SketchUp. The model opens containing a scene for each of the images used to create the model.
  2. Select Camera > Image Igloo. Each of the images associated with the model appears hovering over the model, forming an igloo over the model. Each photo appears at the angle from which the original photo was taken. Each photo also contains the name of its associated scene.
  3. Use the right and left arrow keys to navigate between images (and scenes). Navigate to the image you want to use to detail your model. The currently selected image is has a magenta colored border. The image with a blue colored border is the scene that was active when you chose image igloo menu item.
  4. Note: Alternatively, hold down the middle mouse button to rotate the image igloo. The currently selected image is shown in magenta.
  5. Press the Enter key. SketchUp enters the sketching mode of Match Photo using the currently selected image.
  6. Add detail to the model. Refer to Creating a 3D model to match a photo for further information on using the Match Photo sketching mode.