SketchUp Line Tool: Creating precise lines

SketchUp Line Tool: Creating precise lines
Creating precise lines

The Measurements Toolbar displays the length of your line while you are drawing lines. You can also specify a line length value using the Measurements Toolbar.

Entering a length value
The Measurements Toolbar label indicates 'Length' after you place the starting point of a line. The following image shows the length value in the Measurements Toolbar.

Type the length into the Measurements Toolbar, after placing the starting point of the line, and press the Enter (Microsoft Windows) or Return (Mac OSX) key. SketchUp will use the current document units setting if you only type in a numerical value. You can also specify either Imperial (1'6") or Metric (3.652m) units at any time, regardless the model units setting.

Note: The Line tool will snap to any previously entered length within the Measurements Toolbar.

Entering a 3D coordinate
The Measurements Toolbar can also be used to place the end of the line at an exact coordinate in space.

Entering an Absolute Coordinate
Type in the coordinates of a point in 3D space enclosed by brackets, such as [x, y, z], to get absolute coordinates relative to the current axes.

Entering a Relative Coordinate
Type the coordinate points enclosed by angle brackets, in the format , where x, y, and z values are relative distances from the starting point of your line.

Note: The exact format for Measurements Toolbar entries will vary depending on your computer's Regional Settings. For European users, the list separator symbol may be a semi-colon instead of a comma, so the format would be [x;y;z].